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The Government of Uttar Pradesh (GoUP) as part of its vision to provide Good Governance to its citizen, initiated steps to harness the potential of IT to provide integrated services to the citizens by deploying the tools of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) so as to enhance Speed, Convenience, Certainty and Accountability in providing such services through the concept of a “One-Stop-Shop” facility. One such initiative was e-Suvidha, constituted under Department of IT and Electronics, Government of Uttar Pradesh, which was implemented on pilot basis in Lucknow City in 2006 on the lines of similar projects implemented elsewhere in India.

Vision & Mission behind e-Suvidha


The vision of e-Suvidha project is “to provide to the citizens of Uttar Pradesh, all G2C and G2B One-Stop services and information of Departments and agencies of Central, State and Local Governments in an efficient, reliable, transparent and integrated manner on a sustained basis, with certainty, through easy access to a chain of computerized Integrated Citizen Service Centers (ICSC's) and through multiple delivery channels like Electronic Kiosks, mobile phones and the Internet”.

The vision of e-Suvidha is to eventually bring all the G2C, G2B and B2C services within the purview of the project as a single interface to obviate the need for citizens and business people to visit the Government offices except for specialized and complex services.


The Mission of e-Suvidha Project is “to be the One-Stop-Shop for all C2G interactions.

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